Edwinstowe United Community Association

Mark Spencer MP Supporting the Edwinstowe United Community Association Community Action PlanEdwinstowe United Community Association (EUCA) is a community group that evolved out of an open meeting April 2014 to raise public awareness of the freedom of Communities to use the new Rights and Powers defined in the Localism Act that came into force in July 2012.

The new community rights allow ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things by working in collaboration with each other as well as public, private and voluntary sectors to be actively involved in not only decisions making but also the provision the services needed for the health and well being in their local area.

Edwinstowe United Community Association – Who are we?

It is an all inclusive non political group composed of like minded residents who are passionate about the future sustainability of our village and its amenities as well as the wellbeing of its residents and businesses.

If you share these interests you are welcome to become a member.

  • Full membership limited to residents of Edwinstowe and those working in Edwinstowe
  • Associate membership open to anyone
  • Honorary membership agreed by members – available to advisors and consultants who have an interest in Edwinstowe.

Our meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month at 7.00 pm Suite 2, Old Station, High Street, Edwinstiowe, NG21 9HS.

Everyone is invited with no obligation ……Come and meet us and hear what we are doing.

Edwinstowe United Community Association – Mission Statement

Our mission statement as defined in Locality (http://locality.org.uk/)

  • We are a Community Group whose aim is to unite the people and actively involve them in working together to create a sustainable community.
  • To promote, and develop the economic, social, recreational and environmental well being of Edwinstowe and the people who live and work there.
  • To advocate defend, protect and campaign or promote the community rights and powers as enshrined in the Localism Act 2011.
  • We are dedicated to ensure that every voice has the opportunity to be heard”

Edwinstowe United Community Association – Our Aims

Edwinstowe United Community Association aim to spread awareness and understanding of the new community rights and powers which came into force in 2012, giving ordinary people the power to create positive social and political change within their own communities in line with National Policy.

We further aim to champion these community rights which promote and facilitate collective action to develop the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the whole community.

We wish to form working partnerships with public, private and voluntary organisations and individuals to find ways of creating an all-inclusive community and sustainable future for our village

Edwinstowe United Community Association – Our Objectives

  • To use the community as a starting point and move at their pace
  • To listen to all points of view and encourage involvement of individuals, groups, authorities and organisations to be engaged in any positive change
    • To hold community listening sessions and other activities that allow people to express their needs, hopes and concerns
  • To actively engage with the community and collectively identify local skills and talents to be used for the common good of the whole community
    • Support the activities of others who are working towards achieving community goals
  • To build on what already exists by collectively identifying that which we want to strengthen and preserve for posterity
  • To cooperate with others in working towards finding solutions for issues of concern
  • To always respect difference and diversity and promote equality to ensure Edwinstowe is an all inclusive community
  • To seek constructive, non violent ways of dealing with conflict and develop win-win solutions where possible,
  • To never do for others what they can do for themselves but to support and empower them to achieve their needs.
  • To always act within the law but to have the courage to support those who lawfully campaign to change unjust laws
  • To always demonstrate respect for difference and diversity and promote equality
  • To take responsibility for upholding the standards and codes of conduct of EUCA

Edwinstowe United Community Association – Contacts

Chairman  – Sheila Norton

Secretary – Pauline Meechan

Email : edwinstoweunited@outlook.com

Facebook: Edwinstowe United