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May Borloff - Heading up the Frack Free Sherwood Forest and EdwinstoweHello – I’m May Boroff and I am a co-coordinator of Frack Free Sherwood Forest and Edwinstowe.

We meet monthly at 7.30 pm on the first  Monday of the month at Suite 2 Old Station, High Street in Edwinstowe. Post code NG21 9HS

The purpose of the meetings is to discuss the direct impact that fracking has on health and wellbeing issues as well as damage to our homes and habitats which we feel we need to raise more awareness about health reports etc… We are a passionate group that are working together utilising all of our individual skills. We also have a group on facebook and I have a blog at

Will Edwinstowe be Affected ?

Most of the surrounding area in North Notts including Edwinstowe, Ollerton, Mansfield, Clipstone, Blidworth, and beyond now have licenses upon them for planning applications for unconventional gas extraction. In particular this is using the hydraulic fracturing or Fracking method to obtain a type of Ethane to produce plastics.

My observation: With even a small bit of research it is clear that the techniques used, either immediately or eventually fail, causing widespread contamination on many levels; earth, air and water. Not to mention earthquakes. All of which seemed to be glossed over and bad press given to residents in the north of England labelled as ‘Green People’ Or ‘Environmental Protesters’ rather than simply residents who are deeply concerned. The pressing issues for this area are fracking under the network of coal mining chambers and tunnels and faults in this area. We are living on a house of cards, literally. Already this area is the seismic capital of the UK and this could have disastrous outcome.

Why should we be concerned ?

On top of the usual concerns of air contamination, we also live on top of the UK’s biggest sandstone aquifer reaching far beyond Nottinghamshire, supplying even as far as Bristol with drinking water. A fracking well will pass through this cross section, and the subsequent gas field of hundreds of wells will pass through our drinking water aquifer multiple times.

My observation: I have seen how hard people are trying to protect the nature of the ground, water and air quality in their local area from test drilling at the Barton Moss site in Manchester because of their health concerns. I never thought it would come to Edwinstowe though.

Why is that a problem?

At the level of the aquifer, when the well is dug, before we even get to the chemicals part, the well walls are sealed with ‘mud’. Like mosquitoes breaking through to blood, Multiple wells in a ‘gas field’ would offer multiple vectors into our water source for spore bearing bacteria such as Clostridium which is untreatable, with UV light or chlorine, and spreads illnesses such as tetanus across the UK. As I said that is even before we get to the fracking fluid chemicals being forced into the ground.

 My observation: I ask you to do your own research on chemicals found present in fracking fluids. I personally have found cocktail of chemicals as long as the rolling credits for “Gone With The Wind” which will be further shaken and stirred by seismic activity or even poured away to other layers of ground? Some of the chemicals found present in fracking fluid tests have been linked to serious health issues and affecting the birth weight of babies.

Could the water get contaminated

The Triassic Sandstone aquifer does not see property boundaries. It reaches across a large portion of the UK. Wherever a well could possibly be drilled over that aquifer area, it will, from seepage, affect the drinking water of homes and habitats of Edwinstowe and Sherwood Forest.

My observation: Please if you will, spend a moment to think about the implications of that. Thinking that a fracking well, being as far as 10 miles away, as being nothing to do with affecting the Health and Wellbeing of homes and habitats in Edwinstowe and Sherwood Forest is a shortfall of understanding. It is certainly not a point that should be overlooked. I can’t even say this would be like playing ‘Russian Roulette’ with our safety after seeing such cases as Brian Monk’s in Queensland Australia. As well as hearing about the gagging orders placed on people who live in gas field areas. Although the Fracking companies have spoken of making the process safe, there are cases of failed wells and health and safety issues being raised. They speak of safety and regulation of their wells but they don’t speak about the unpredictable manner that the ground can fracture when placed under incredible hydraulic forces. One failed well that has leaked is enough to forever contaminate our drinking water.

What is the timing of this

There is currently a planning application for a test drill at Tinker Lane at Blyth. The description of the entitled ‘test drill’ actually describes what the fracking technique is. That is to drill down to a very deep level, then drill across horizontally, then send down explosives that will go off at various points along that horizontal drill passage and will have water hydraulically forced down into the well to fracture the ground around it.

My observation: We have until the 8th July for as many objections to be made as possible to the planning department. All that I have mentioned above does not fit the criteria that an objection must fall under to be formally recognised by the planning department at Notts County Council. Please follow this link to find out how to help protect our drinking water for us, as well as our children and preserve our historic Sherwood Forest

What are Frack Free Sherwood Forest and Edwinstowe doing about it?

Up to now, I have been interviewed by a journalist for a Telegraph article and also contacted our local Chad. I’ve liaised with Frack Free Notts group since October 2015 to take part in events to raise awareness and also organised a public meeting at Edwinstowe House conference room and filming of voices from the Gas fields in April. I found this event very difficult to publicise with local reluctance to display the event poster and felt dismayed by an attendance of 20 out of the whole population of Edwinstowe. I’m really happy that ‘In Edwinstowe’ website is now on the scene so that Frack Free Sherwood Forest and Edwinstowe can reach more local residents.

You are welcome to join the Frack Free Sherwood Forest and Edwinstowe group or to just come along to the meetings to find out what is happening.

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