Friends of Sherwood Forest

The Friends of Sherwood Forest is an active support group for Sherwood Forest home to Robin Hood and the Major Oak.  The surrounding district is known as the Dukeries boasting some of the UK’s finest Aristocratic homes.

For those of you who have never visited Sherwood Forest and the Major Oak, I would urge you to do so, it is one of the very few Ancient woodlands remaining in the U.K. with 997 recorded veteran Oak trees on 450 acres.

Having urged you to visit Sherwood Forest we would ask that you treat the Forest with respect,  our trees are precious and we care about them very deeply.  If you see anyone causing damage in the Forest please give them a shout and try and alert a Ranger if possible.  Please help keep the forest as you would like to see it.

The Major Oak – Friends of Sherwood Forest

The Major Oak, England’s finest living National Monument was first known as the Cockpen tree or Queen Oak.


  • estimated weight 23 Tons
  • Girth 33 feet
  • a spread of 92 feet
  • 800-1000 years old.

The Oak is a Pedunculate Oak and was probably the result of Pollarding, i.e. the joining of two or more saplings to form a more substantial tree body.

The Oak still bears Acorns.  In 2002 it was designated by the Tree Council as one of the fifty most Great British Trees.

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