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SSH&AC – Sacred Sound, Healing & Arts Centre

The Sacred Sound Healing & Arts Centre – SSH&AC was founded by Angie-Zillah and friends to promote health and well-being of mind, body and spirit through the use of sacred sound and vibrations to restore our natural inner harmony.

We hold regular classes every Thursday and First Monday of the month that each focus on a particular area ranging from Shamanic drumming circles to studying the application of sound, colour and subtle energies in order to heal ourselves.

About UsSSH&AC Updates

Here are the main aims and objectives of the SSH&AC (Sacred Sound Healing and Arts Centre):

  • To be for the public benefit.
  • The advancement and promotion of education and wellbeing for communities by offering holistic learning, complimentary therapies, training, development and opportunities for self-improvement.
  • To build self-esteem, empowerment, resilience and relieve mental and physical ailments enabling individuals to develop their mind, body and spirit.
  • To promote such other charitable purposes as may from time to time be determined.

SSH&AC Gong Bath Treatment

Our Treatments Include:

Sound, Tuning Fork, Drumming and Colour therapies, Sonic Vibration and Light, Sonopuncture Sound and Light reflexology. In addition you can get Reiki and spiritual treatments


Monthly classes are available at SSH&AC in the following:SSH&AC Classes

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There are regular SSH&AC updates together with information on how Sound and Light Affect Our Mind, Body and Spirit. Find out more about our Sacred Sound Events.

You can get details of the weekly Adult Classes and Workshops, also Mother natures larder, and Gong Bath.

We welcome new people and encourage you to explore our website and see what we offer.

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