East Midlands Survivors

East Midlands Survivors is an association of male survivors of sexual violence. These remarkable men are based in England.

Today East Midlands Survivors is not just a service for males and we have several female volunteers, only the hostel is dedicated for males.  However the main support and information service is open to all.

“We want a review of services, so everybody who needs support can afford it. We want justice for people who were kids then and for kids now to know that there are people who will stand up for them.”

In 2015, Professor Alexis Jay wrote in her Rotherham report that of the young males (under 18 year olds) who had been identified as victims of rape (sexual abuse & sexual exploitation), only two of the boys had been classified as “meeting the threshold” to receive support services.

East Midlands Survivors and Nigel O’Mara

Thirty years prior, in 1986, Nigel O’Mara and his friends understood there was an urgent need for support services for young males with histories of sexual abuse, exploitation and rape. 

Delivery of support services that serve the best interests of male survivors of sexualized violence, demand that survivors play a lead role in the design, planning and implementation of intervention and recovery programs. Without the involvement of survivors, outcomes risk being unsuccessful in both the short and longterm. As Professor Alexis Jay noted in her 2015 report:

5.41 For the reasons given above, there are very few good outcomes to be found in the files for the victims of sexual exploitation, even when the quality of intervention was good. This was true in some of the current open cases.

Nigel O’Mara, who runs the East Midlands Survivors’ Hostel, co-founded Survivors UK and the first Helpline for male survivors of sexual violence (abuse, rape & exploitation), in England in 1986. Mr O’Mara has campaigned for over thirty years for the rights of male survivors of sexual violence, including for male rape to be legally classified as a crime in England and Wales.

People who have been abused in childhood are at an increased risk of homelessness later on.

The East Midlands Survivors’ Hostel is the first place in England to provide a home and counselling for adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

That’s why we’re called survivors. Because we are still alive. Many of my friends are not here today.  Some like Jason Swift were murdered.  Others we lost to suicide or drugs. The effects of being abused in childhood are catastrophic.

For me, it meant I rebelled against people in charge of me and went through the care system, and was spat out and became homeless. I survived destitution by prostitution. And I survived that through drugs. The cycle of self-harm did untold damage. And 40 years on, the abuse still affects me. I speak and write six European languages but I never got any qualifications.

“I feel strongly that counselling and support should be offered free at the point of delivery for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse.”


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