Lynds Close Luncheon Club

Welcome cup of tea and biscuitThe Lynds Close Luncheon Club meets every Thursday in the Lynds Close Community Centre and provides the elderly and the infirm with a healthy balanced meal  for a minimal charge.  The cost of the lunches is subsidised by running fund raising events, and by obtaining donations of food from the local allotment holders. To keep the costs down the work is all done by volunteers. 

We actively seek to involve anyone who is socially isolated, the elderly living on their own or those who are incapacitated by disability. We deliver lunch to those living in the immediate vicinity of the Centre, if they are unable to attend for any reason,

Image of the Lynds Close Luncheon Club meetingThe number of people being served lunch has increased week on week until we are now at approximately 45. We canvas the people who attend on a regular basis to see what we can do to improve the service and what else they might need. We have already discovered that they would like us to offer lunch on more days a week, also to expand to provide afternoon teas. Whilst this is not possible at present it is something we can aim for if we get more regular volunteers.

Volunteers at the Lynds Close Luncheon Club

The whole concept of Lynds Close Luncheon Club is for the younger and the more able members of the community to assist those who are elderly and more infirm. It is a way to improve social inclusion of those who have been isolated by loneliness or disability.

A table layout of the Lynds Close Luncheon ClubMany of the people who attend say that it is the only time they have left the house and it is the only interaction they have with anyone else for the whole week. It has provide a forum for people to make new friends and for everyone involved to look out for the well being of the more vulnerable. Everyone who attends informs us that it is an enjoyable experience and they come for the social side as much as the food.

The food provided is a three course highly nutritious meal using high quality meats with good home grown provisions where possible. A number of people do not eat wholesome cooked meals at home because they live on their own and cannot be bothered, don’t know how to cook or because of their disability, cannot manage the cooking. Many have said that the lunch we provide is the only cooked meal they have and they look forward to coming.

Groups of people meeting for lunchA healthier diet, increased activity and social interaction are all contributory factors to better health, feeling of well being and will improve community spirit. Anything we can do towards this however small must be a benefit. 

To cover for holidays and sickness we currently need more volunteers, this is open to anyone of any age or gender, and we are actively trying to recruit some new volunteers. 3 members of the club, two men and one womanWe would like to try to recruit school leavers who have not yet found a permanent job and looking for work experience , new young mothers and recently retired members of the community who are looking for more involvement. If you feel that you can and want to help please contact us. 

Contact the Chairman Mrs Sue Howells at:

Lynds Close Community Centre
Lynds Close

Telephone: 07800 803728



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