SHE UK – Supporting, Healing and Educating

Purple SHE UK LogoSHE UK are a UK Registered Charity based in Nottinghamshire that offers a holistic range of support for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, exploitation and sexual violence. We also offer bespoke training and events for organisations and companies who would like to know more about these areas, in addition to training staff, expanding their knowledge base and showing them how to deal sensitively with this issue.

SHE UK was founded in 1998 by Jacqui Lewis and Ezzie Bainbridge, who discovered a severe lack of a holistic approach to the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse. They were shortly after joined by Hannah Harris, and both Jacqui and Hannah are heavily involved to this day. As the years have passed, our services have developed from a simple meeting of women with shared experiences to a wide range of activities, groups and facilities identified by the needs of the women who come to us. These include: one-to-one befriending; crisis support; drop-in services in 4 locations across Nottinghamshire; creative workshops; skills & training workshops; creative therapy groups; personal development courses; volunteering opportunities and a mentoring service. All of these services are delivered by highly trained professionals with years of counselling and therapeutic experience, in either a paid or unpaid capacity.

Have you experienced sexual abuse?

  • Do you suffer from depression or low self worth?
  • Do you feel your emotions are very intense and painful or even non-existent?
  • Do you find it difficult to eat, sleep or concentrate?
  • Do you find yourself withdrawing from people?
  • Are you using alcohol or drugs to help you to cope?
  • Are your relationships suffering?
  • Are you finding it difficult to trust other people?

SHE UK offers women’s support groups, providing a time to share and care in a safe and relaxed environment; personal development and creative therapy groups; 1-to-1 and crisis therapy; and support in many other areas. We have a highly trained and dedicated staff team ready to support you – we hope you’ll find the courage to take a step in our direction and trust us with your story.

SHE UK – Mission Statement

To provide a variety of help based support for female victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse and information to promote public education and awareness to the long term effects of sexual abuse.


We realise it may be difficult for you to place your trust in others. We hope in time this trust will be developed.


Confidentiality is a high priority within S.H.E. UK. All members, staff and volunteers must sign an agreement to maintain this.


We do not judge our fellow members in any way and we respect each other’s values and beliefs.


Commitment to the group is necessary to build up trust and security in each other.


We would like everyone to have the time to share their thoughts and feelings without interruptions.


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