Nottingham Waste and Recycling – Bin Smart

Nottingham Waste and Recycling – If in doubt, leave it out!

This may come as a surprise, but did you know that the sorting process of our County’s recycling isn’t all automated?! 

A lot of it is sorted by machinery at the Materials Recovery Facility in Mansfield, however there is still a team of waste warriors who sort the waste by hand to ensure that only recyclable items in Nottinghamshire are sent on for reprocessing.

And it’s not just during Halloween that our waste warriors may get a fright, a shocking amount of residents within Nottinghamshire still put nappies, dog muck and food waste in their recycling bin!

Be BinSmart – the new Nottinghamshire Recycling Guide shows exactly what can be put in your kerbside recycling bin so remember – if in doubt, leave it out! 

To see what to put in and what to leave out click here 

Recycling for Halloween

Halloween recycling tips

Halloween may be fast approaching – but Halloween waste needn’t be scary!

Instead of buying a fancy bag for your little one’s trick -or-treating, opt for a reusable bag, a decorated ice cream tub, or why not re-use whatever was used the year before?!

So don’t be a scaredy-cat! This Halloween, think about how your family can change just one habit to be more environmentally friendly and less wasteful.