Plastics Recycling – Nottinghamshire does

In the UK, it’s estimated that 38.5 million plastic bottles are used every day, yet 15 million of these are not recycled.

Let’s all play our part to change that.

You can recycle ALL plastic bottles, including those found in your bathroom, in your kerbside recycling bin in Nottinghamshire! (just remember to remove the lids)

What’s more where possible avoid using single use plastic bottles and help fight the war on plastic…together we can make a difference. 


Compostable wrappers – what to do with them

More subscription magazines are now being sent in compostable wrappers made from potato starch.

Whilst this is a great move away from plastic, unfortunately, there is a bit of confusion on what to actually do with the compostable wrapper – especially as this varies within councils across the UK and the messaging on the wrapper isn’t clear.

Here is our quick guide for Nottinghamshire to help:what to do with compostable wrappers

��Mix it in with your home compost – it’s potato starch so will compost nicely.
��If you don’t have a compost heap, put it in your general waste bin – we cannot recycle this wrapper or compost it. If you place it in your general waste bin it will be sent for Energy Recovery.

��Put it into your garden waste bin or kerbside recycling bin.

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