Toys for Adjustment Day – 13th Dec 2017

Toys for Adjustment day at the Chiropractic is 13th December 2017 this year and it is probably one of the biggest days on our calendar each year. This will be the 10th year we have been involved and each year we are truly amazed by the generosity of our Members, Guests and their friends in aid of the Salvation Army’s Toys for Christmas Appeal.

Here is a quick refresher of what Toys for Adjustment day entails:

Toys for adjustment - wrapping presents

 We invite our guests to donate a toy which will go to the Salvation Army for children at Christmas.  

 If the toy is equal in value to your adjustment, (our normal adjustment cost is £29) we are  willing to carry out your adjustment at our cost.

 You must book your adjustment for and donate the toy on 13th December in order to take advantage of our offer.

 If you are unable to make it in on 13th December, you are welcome to donate a Toy anyway but it will not be in place of your adjustment. 

 Toys must be NEW. We are able to relieve you of second hand toys,  but these will be given straight to a Salvation Army shop and will not be part of Toys for Adjustment.

Toys for Adjustment day also doubles as our Christmas party to say thank you to all our members and guests. There will be food and drinks available all day, so please join us even if you do not have an adjustment booked.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Bella, Rumples and Donkey will be in all day too!!