Volunteer Opportunities – Sherwood Forest

It’s not often you’ll see an RSPB volunteer advert which lists wearing medieval costume or telling stories about Robin Hood as part of its tasks.

But that’s because Sherwood Forest is a place like no other!

Volunteers are the life-blood of the RSPB, and as such, we know that they’ll help us to make a visit to Sherwood as magical and memorable as possible when we open the doors of our new visitor centre in Summer 2018.

From connecting visitors to nature by talking about the wonderful woodland habitats and the extraordinary lives of the Ancient Oaks to bringing the legend of Robin Hood to life, as well as helping to conserve this precious site for future generations to enjoy – Sherwood Forest will provide a great variety of volunteering roles.

We are undertaking recruitment for volunteers for Sherwood now, and there’s lots of posts to fill. So when we see a way that a volunteer could be supporting the vital work at Sherwood, we’ll set about finding that person or people. You might have a skill or knowledge of the area that you would like to share with us and our visitors, if that’s the case, there could be a role for you too.

Legendary is a word much over-used these days, but when it comes to this magical site, it’s warranted. It’s also rather fitting when talking about the thousands of volunteers who help in our quest to provide a home for nature each and every day.

The RSPB and our partners want to ensure that the legend continues to grow for many more generations to come at Sherwood Forest – if that sounds like something you’d like to be part of, please contact Nadia Archer, nadia.archer@rspb.org.uk to find out more about volunteering roles at Sherwood. Even if you have one day a month to spare, or a few hours here and there, please get in touch.

Volunteer Roles At Sherwood Forest